CD O’Jizo『Cranking Out』

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長い準備期間をかけてつくられた前作『Via Portland』から2年。
「次々と生み出された(=Cranking Out)」スピード感溢れる O’Jizoのサードアルバム。

Cranking Out / O'Jizo

2019.02.24 on sale / 全9曲 / ¥2,200+tax
発売元 TOKYO IRISH COMPANY / 販売元 Meta Company Limited
Recording:Mike Doolin, at the House of Doolescu in Portland, OR
Mixing:Danny O’Hanlon, at Bungalow 9 Recording in Portland, OR
Mastering:Alex Chapman, at PNW Mastering in Portland, OR
Cover Design:石本夏帆

[ 曲目 ]
1. The Legacy Jig
2. Jackson’ s Favorite
Jackson’s Favorite / Sean Sa Ceo /Conal’s
3. Fiona’ s Arrival
The Cuil Aodha / Hudcaps and Potholes (comp. Rachel Hair) / Fiona’s Arrival (comp. Oisin McAuley)
4. Step Ahead
Harvest Fair Polka (comp. Charlie Lennon) / The Cobbler’s Polka / The Step Ahead Polka
5. Eve’s
6. Rectory
The Mountain Top / The Rectory Reel (comp. Patrick Davey)
7. O’Raghailligh’s Grave
8. Migration
The Abbey Reel / Cranking Out (comp.J erry Holland) / The Dublin Lasses
9. Cameronian Highlander
Cameronian Highlander / Version of Big John McNeill / Anderson’s

Wooden Flutes, Whistles & Button Accordion / 豊田耕三
Piano Accordion & Bouzouki / 中村大史
Guitar / 長尾晃司

Flutes / E flat, D and C flute made by Michael Grinter
Whistles / D & C Whistles made by Michael Burke, Low F Whistle made by Colin Goldie Button Accordion / Bertrand Gaillard
Piano Accordion / Pietro Mario
Bouzouki / K. Yairi
Guitar / Martin

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¥2,200 tax included