CD O'Jizo 『Via Portland』

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Via Portland / O'Jizo

2017.03.05 on sale / 全11曲 / ¥2,700(tax in.)
発売元 TOKYO IRISH COMPANY / 販売元 Meta Company Limited
Recording:Mike Doolin, idehof
Mix & Mastering:idehof
Design:Souichi Suzuki
Photography:Satoshi Eto
Costume Coodination:Columbia Sportswear Japan, In

[ 試聴はこちら ]
1. Journey To Big Country (Koji Nagao)
2. Last Train
The Last Train from Loughrea (Vincent Broderick) / Lucy Farr's
3. House Of Hamill
The House of Hamill / Bunch of Green Rushes / Patsy Hanley's
4. Slow Steps Home (Koji Nagao)
5. Balcony Dance
Balcony Dance (Koji Nagao) / Honesty Bar (Michael McGoldrick)
6. Fogs (Hirofumi Nakamura)
7. Three G
Alasdair's Tune / Besova (Swedish Traditional) / Conspiracy (Joanie Madden)
8. Roundabout
The Hopping Box (Hirofumi Nakamura) / The Shepard Tone Reel (Kozo Toyota) / Coast Drive (Koji Nagao)
9. Trail From Portland (Kozo Toyota)
10. Heart’s Home (Words & music by Nancy Conescu & Lisa Aschmann)
11. Wisteria (Hirofumi Nakamura)

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